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In Venezuela, Cooking With Firewood as Currency Collapses

Misle, a retired university professor, has seen his monthly pension dwindle to a few dollars. Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times And while production falls, prices continue to rise with inflation. The price of food in Venezuela increased by more than 17 percent in July alone, according to the main nongovernmental group that tracks inflation, aggravating a food crisis that had already shattered the image of Venezuela, an oil-rich nation that, until recent years, was the economic envy of many countries in the region. “This is unprecedented,” said Ricardo Hausmann, an economist at Harvard University and former Venezuelan planning minister, contending that the economic declines are worse than those in Mexico during its economic collapse in the 1990s, Argentina in the 2000s and Cuba after the fall of the Soviet Union. In one nine-day stretch in late July and early August, the price of the bolívar, the national currency, fell by half against the dollar on the black market, cutting earnings for people who make the minimum wage to the equivalent of just Skip Trace $5 per month. Even though the government has been raising the minimum wage relentlessly, it has not nearly kept up with inflation, leading to an 88 percent drop in earnings over the past five years for the workers who rely on it, Mr. Hausmann said. Luis Palacios, a 42-year-old former security guard here in the capital, Caracas, has gone hungry as inflation has decimated his wages. He spent a year watching his family lose weight, until his wife took their two children, 1 and 5, to Colombia five months ago in order to get more food. “My child was thin,” he said.

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