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Elders who use tech tools feel less lonely, more physically fit, Stanford study finds

The Berkeley retiree uses his computer regularly to organize events and conduct research for the World War One Historical Association. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group) By Lisa M. Krieger | | Bay Area News Group Forget bingo and shuffleboard. Use of computers and cellphones is linked to higher levels of mental and physical well-being among those over age 80, according to new Stanford research. And these elders — dubbed “the oldest old,” a generation typically ignored by the youth-obsessed tech industry — are motivated for the same reasons as digital-savvy millennials: to stay connected. “Using tech to connect with loved ones was related to higher life satisfaction, lower loneliness and general attainment of meaningful goals — being happy, independent,” said researcher Tamara Sims of the Stanford Center on Longevity. Those who used technology to learn new information were in better physical health, her study also found. Expansion of elder-focused tech education and support could help those born in an era of Greta Garbo, Model T cars and vacuum tube radio, said Sims. Americans are living longer than previous generations, and many want to stay at home. With digital tools, they can stay socially engaged — and reach out for help, if they need it. “I couldn’t do without it,” said Sal Compagno, 80, of  Berkeley, president of the national World War One Historical Association .

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