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In fact, he says, debt collectors say these unannounced voicemails work almost too well. “Clients tell us that they overwhelm their call centers with inbound volume,” Gies says. “So we have what we call pacing features” for voicemail delivery. Animated cartoon characters Skiptracing tool like Zoey , a virtual collections agent who shows up in borrowers’ email inboxes, tirelessly smooth-talk debtors into payments. A borrower sees Zoey’s photo in an email and clicks a link to a site where she talks them through payment. Borrowers dealing with “warm, friendly” avatars are three times more likely to pay than debtors visiting conventional sites, says Tom Gillespie Jr., chief executive of BeGuided Inc. Collections managers design personalities of avatars, who speak multiple languages and weigh debtors’ credit scores when negotiating payments. Avatars save consumers the embarrassment of being hounded by real people, Gillespie says. Gillespie also runs a collections company, Access Receivables Management Inc., whose slogan, “nice people collect more,” represents a departure from threats and insults that have hurt the industry’s reputation. “In the last year we’ve sent out millions of emails” bearing avatars, Gillespie says.

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